An Australian traveller in the USA: Part 2


Part 2

Scene: Stall at the July 4 fair in Ashland, Oregon where they are advocating active democratic engagement for citizens.

– Are you registered to vote?

– No. I come from Australia.

– Oh? Where is that?

(Pause while I gather my wits. Her off-sider looks horrified, but can only splutter).

– Well, it’s in the Southern Hemisphere between South America and Africa right next to New Zealand.

– Oh. That Australia. I thought you meant there was a place in the United States called Australia.

Yes, that Australia.

(Flustered and embarrassed offsider offers me gifts of political papers, badges,  brochures and heartfelt apologies.)

I think that can be called Americentric. Forgivable on July 4 perhaps.


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